#AfricaBuildsAI is a 1-week, virtual hackathon hosted by Ishango.ai. The hackathon brings together the brightest minds in data science and AI across Africa to collaborate with international companies on cutting-edge projects. It provides an opportunity for companies to explore the use of AI in solving business challenges and a platform for talented data scientists to showcase their skills

Host Companies

How it Works 


Companies are invited to submit a business challenge or need. We work with you to understand the challenge and explore how AI can be applied to provide tangible solutions.


We assemble teams of data scientists to work on the submitted challenges. Teams are supported by our experienced senior data scientists and mentors to rapidly ideate and develop solutions.


At the end of the 1-week hackathon, teams will present their solutions to participating companies and partners. The best ideas will be selected to receive further support and development.

Why Get Involved?

Ideate & Test Ideas

Trial ideas and explore how AI can help to address unique challenges and unlock new opportunities for your business

Save time & money

Get a prototype delivered quickly and cost-effectively by our teams with support from an Ishango.ai senior data scientist.

Make a positive impact

Help make the field of AI more inclusive and diverse by providing an opportunity for young African data scientists to develop their skills

Get Involved


Boost your innovation by harnessing the power of AI to address complex problems and unlock new possibilities for your business.

Data Scientists

Develop and showcase your skills by solving real business challenges with AI. Connect with international companies and mentors.

Partners & Mentors

We welcome sponsors, mentors, and partners who share our passion for AI innovation and social impact.