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Mentors are essential to Ishango.ai’s data science internship. As a mentor, you will offer support, guidance, and expertise to Machine Learning masters graduates from Africa whilst they complete projects for international organisations.


Your experience will be invaluable as you teach fellows the soft-skills necessary to take them from highly skilled technicians to professionals. 


Become a mentor with Ishango.ai today to boost your career development and help the next generation of data scientists.

Why Become a Mentor?

Help to nurture the next generation of data scientists, guide them through the professional world

Boost your professional development and build your skillset by developing young data science talent

Connect with data science leaders and professionals with our global network of likeminded mentors

How to Become a Mentor

1.  Click ‘Sign Up Now’ and mentor form. Tell us about your interests and experience in the data science field and we can find a place for you in the data science internship.

2. Based on your profile, we will match you with a team of machine learning masters graduates who will be working from our hub in Kigali, Rwanda to deliver a project for a host organisation.

3. This is your chance to give back and make an impact in the future of data science by expanding the community and supporting data science talent through opportunity.

Data Science Internship: Mentors

Data science mentor Neil Dhir
Dr Neil Dhir
James Walsh Data Science Mentor
James Walsh
Data science mentor Daniella Tsar
Daniella Tsar
Abbas Maaroof machine learning mastersmachine learning masters
Dr Abbas Maaroof

Dr. Neil Dhir is a Principal Investigator at the Alan Turing Institute. He holds a D.Phil. in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford and M.Eng. in aeronautical engineering from Imperial College London. .

James is a research assistant at the Alan Turing Institute – the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. 

Daniella Tsar is a London based Senior Data Scientist at the Thomson Reuters Labs. She is an innovator with a global footprint and a passion for using data and AI-driven problem-solving to create tangible business value with inclusivity at heart.

Dr. Maaroof is an experienced data scientist and international development expert with more than twenty years of global work experience. This includes reputable teaching and research institutions and international development organisations.

Gerard Cardoso i Negrie data science mentor
Gerard Cardoso i Negrie
Roshini Johri
Roshini Johri
Ashwin Aravindakshan Data Science mentor ucla
Ashwin Aravindakshan
Sneha Sen Data science mentor
Sneha Sen

Gerard is a talented Data Scientist with an interest in building data driven foundations for startups that leverage on AI. He works at Founders Factory and is currently writing a book about the key role that data strategies provide for startups.

Principal Data Scientist at HSBC & Founder of London Women in Machine Learning & Data Science Chapter. A deep interest in revolutionary databases and smart handling of data. 

Associate Professor of Marketing – University of California and Academic Director with a Masters of Science in Business Analytics. He is specialised in Data Analysis with experience in advertising, customer acquisition and retention and more.

Data Scientist specialising in Natural Language Processing, with experience in education technology. Skilled in using machine learning and AI to provide insights into products and client profiles.


Our Fellows work on projects that span across the full data spectrum from Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, Analysis, Architecture and more. 

No. We wouldn’t expect you to do any of the work, rather provide advice and support to the team for example by pointing them towards useful resource and providing  feedback on their outputs.

There are a number of ways to support our fellows including leading one-off skills development sessions on a specific topic. Sign up as a mentor and we can discuss an option that fits within your schedule.


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