January 15, 2024

Data Scientist Spotlight: Sharleen Mwikali Muoki

For our first data scientist spotlight of the year, we are excited to introduce Sharleen Mwikali Muoki, a new member of the Ishango Data Science Programme. Sharleen is a dedicated data scientist with a Master’s degree in Information Technology, specialising in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics from Strathmore University. Over the past 2-3 years, she has been deeply engaged in diverse projects spanning software licence management, urban health research, and data quality enhancement. Her journey is characterised by a strong commitment to translating intricate datasets into actionable insights that drive strategic business outcomes.

Beginning her academic path with a Bachelor’s in Business Information Technology, Sharleen cultivated her expertise in business intelligence. These educational endeavours have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the nexus between technology, business strategies, and data.

Sharleen’s interest in data science was ignited during her tenure as a data science trainee at 10 Academy. During this time, she delved into Python, statistical inference, and data manipulation. Engaging in practical applications of these skills fueled her passion, solidifying her commitment to harnessing data for transformative purposes.

For aspiring data scientists, Sharleen emphasises:

  • Establishing a strong foundation in programming.
  • Prioritising a solid understanding of statistical concepts.
  • Staying curious
  • Embracing diverse projects
  • Recognising the value of networking.