March 31, 2023

#DataSheroes Recap: The Importance of Continuous Learning, Making yourself Heard, and Building the Right Mindset.

During our recent #DataSheroes webinar, our speakers, Yvette Kondoh, a data scientist, and Christiana Onoja, founder of Partnership for African Women Advancement shared valuable insights about their experiences in the field of data science. They highlighted the importance of continuous learning, making yourself heard, and building the right mindset.

Engage in continuous learning to develop the necessary skills

Yvette highlighted the importance of core coding skills for a data scientist. She shared that not having those skills initially was one of the biggest barriers she faced while building her career in data science. To overcome this challenge, she took up volunteering roles and undertook free training courses to develop her skills. She recommended participating in programmes like Ishang.ai that focus on developing hands-on skills to ease the transition into the workforce. 

Develop soft skills and make your voice heard 

Christiana emphasised the importance of developing soft skills and making your voice heard in the male-dominated tech field. She advised female data scientists to prepare thoroughly and take on opportunities that can help to showcase their skills. By doing so, they can demonstrate the value they bring to the table, which is crucial for advancing in the competitive job market. To overcome imposter syndrome that often prevents women from speaking up, Yvette recommended taking control of your mind and avoiding self-doubt. 

Don’t discount the skills you already have

Yvette advised those looking to transition into data science from other disciplines not to downplay the skills they already have as these can often give them an added advantage. She highlighted the fact that data science is relevant in any field and has several different areas of specialisation one can pursue. She suggested that being intentional in building skills and working on projects in the area you already have experience in or want to enter can help to stay focused and achieve your career goals.