Delivering AI and Data Science Solutions for Business Problems

We specialise in solving complex business problems by leveraging AI and data science solutions. Our strategy involves breaking down the problem into manageable steps, understanding the underlying business issue, including talking to key stakeholders, identifying relevant data, and selecting the most appropriate AI and data science technique. 

Maintaining a strong business focus throughout the problem-solving process, we avoid premature technology introduction that could overshadow the core issue, ensuring complete resolutions.

We place a high emphasis on precision from the start because data science and AI demand it. In the following areas, we ensure thoroughness: 

  • A clear description of the problem to be solved.

  • A precise specification of all business questions.

  • Specification of expected business benefits, for example, a 10% reduction in churn among high-value customers

Once the business goals have been clearly defined, they need to be translated into specific data analysis goals and accompanying tasks. 

For instance, if the objective is to reduce churn, we set the following analytic goals:

  • Identification of high-value customers based on recent purchase data.

  • Development of a predictive model using available customer data to determine churn likelihood for each customer.

  • Ranking of customers based on churn propensity and customer value.

It is crucial to address important questions in the subsequent steps, such as evaluating whether the available customer data provides the necessary information to effectively solve the business challenge. 

To ensure a successful data analysis process, we establish clear technical criteria for success, which include:

  • Description of model assessment methods, such as accuracy and performance metrics.

  • Definition of benchmarks for evaluating success, along with specific numerical targets.

  • Definition of subjective measurements to the best extent possible, and identification of the arbiter of success

 Ishango.ai data scientists work remotely on value-adding projects for international companies. Our data scientists have delivered projects across sectors such as finance, e-commerce, healthcare, agriculture, and industrial engineering, for companies from around the world including the US, Australia, Switzerland, and the UK.