Where Does African Data Science Talent Come From?

data revolution

Quantitative science, big data, machine learning, AI. It’s here and it’s here to stay. Business is being revolutionised around the globe and Africa is no different. From Google AI in Accra, to the Microsoft Development Centre in Nairobi, and Facebook’s new office in Nigeria, the continent is attracting big tech players. But where is the talent for this seismic shift coming from? Read on and find out about the home-grown hubs that are keeping Africa at the forefront of the data revolution. You may not have heard of them but you’ve certainly seen the fruits of their labour!


African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)

     How does a pan-African postgraduate centre specialising in maths sound? Great. How about the only master’s degree focussed on machine learning in Africa? A dedicated research centre for quantum computing?  Specialised big data programmes for development? Well AIMS does it all. Oh and it’s all in partnership with Facebook and Google.

     Located in 6 countries throughout the continent AIMS offers a range of postgraduate degrees across the full spectrum of the quantitative sciences. Through their Quantum Leap centre they are future proofing the tech ecosystem. Research driven and international in outlook, AIMS is at the forefront of the data world producing academically proficient graduates year in, year out. Many stay in the world of academia but many more don’t. Ishango is here to make sure those top graduates get top jobs. Making the transition can be difficult which is why we provide professional training, work experience placements and a support network to help graduates kick-start their careers.


Data Science Africa

     Professionals are always developing. To really excel, a data scientist has to keep probing, keep questioning, and keep researching. This is where Data Science Africa steps in. If data scientists want to keep up to date with the latest in the quantitative world, and the best do, then Data Science Africa is the place they start.

     Annual conferences, seminars, workshops, networking. Everything needed to build a strong technically skilled talent base and keep the ecosystem going. Ishango builds on the work that organisations like Data Science Africa are doing by providing a bridge to global business. Whether it’s academics looking to switch sectors or companies seeking data science talent we are here to help.



     African problems, African solutions. Zindi leverages the power of homegrown data scientists to answer pressing questions. They are a competition platform laser focussed on issues of development and the go to place for NGOs and government institutions in need of data-driven solutions.

     The platform is a hub for  brilliant data scientists using their spare time to advance the continent. Ishango aims to go one step further by connecting top talent to project-based and fulltime work opportunities with major companies.

     Three organisations, three different methods, one aim – to boost data science in Africa. Here at Ishango we share that same goal. We aim to become an engine of the data revolution just like AIMS, Data Science Africa, and Zindi. With our focus on bridging the missing link to employment and getting graduates ready for work we are perfectly positioned to take data scientists, at every level, to the next stage in their career development.