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democratisation of data science
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From NGOs to governments, private companies to local community groups, data is a powerful tool that defines the world in which we live in today. Every action or inaction, every click or hover, is analysed and processed, creating a representation of the real world.


But something has gone wrong along the way. Data science has been moulded by the extant power dynamics of the world we live in and, like water into a glass, it takes the shape of its context.



Eunice Baguma-Ball – Co-founder at www.Ishango.ai with over 12 years experience leading digital inclusion, female entrepreneurship and impact technology programmes around the world.





14:00 – 14:10 – Welcome and introductions

14:10 – 14:45 – Panel discussion

14:45 – 15:00 – Audience Q & A

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From the Google AI Lab in Accra, to IBM’s research lab in Nairobi and Facebook’s new office in Nigeria, big tech giants have already recognised Africa’s potential in this space. This has led to increasing demand and development of data science talent on the continent.


Institutions like the African Institute of Mathematical Studies, running a Masters in Machine Intelligence, are building up a pool of talent with skills in data science, AI and machine learning.


Join us in this virtual panel as we discuss what opportunities and challenges exist in connecting Africa’s data science talent to the world.

Eunice Baguma Ball – Co-founder at Ishango.ai


Dr Charles Kimpolo – Director, AIMS Industry Initiative, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)


Eva Mwangi – Data Engineer at ZipLine


Gabi Steele – Co-Founder / CEO at Data Culture