May 13, 2022

Harnessing biometric data for social impact, a project by Victoire Dijmna our Ishango.ai fellow

Victoire Dijimna, an Ishango fellow 2021 worked in a project with Simprints, where she got to put her skills into practice and challenged herself, by working with biometric data to create and understand the social impact that the company is having. Here you can read the details about it.

Host company: Simprints is a non-profit tech company based in the UK and is deploying biometric technology globally to ensure every vaccine, every dollar reaches the people who need them most. They provide accurate identification to organisations across the world using mobile tools to improve healthcare and eradicate poverty. Simprints technology has reached over 1.9 million people across 16 countries  with healthcare, finance, and education services.

The project:  Ishango fellow Victoire Djimna worked to provide insights on how Simprint’s fingerprint technology was being used and its effectiveness as a biometric tool for identification.

The outcome:The analysis that Victoire delivered enabled Simprints to evaluate how their technology was performing, to make improvements to project operations on the ground and also to influence the design of future projects.

After hard work, Victorie had a succesful project presentation and Carla Lewis was very impressed with her work.

We are proud of her and are looking towards what is next in her social impact or data science road.

“Hosting Victoire has been an incredible asset to our team. Her work ethic, positive attitude, flexibility and commitment has been commendable. She has been an integral part of the analytics team at Simprints, extracting insights from complex data that have supported key decisions on how our projects on the ground can be improved”

– Carla Lewis, Head of Monitoring Evaluation and Impact”