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Tap into the wealth of top data science talent in Africa whilst also making a positive impact. Ishango supports the end-to-end process from project scoping through to delivery so you can focus on results. Ideal for companies looking for affordable remote data scientists.

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Tap into the wealth of data science talent in Africa and make a positive impact. By becoming a host company, you will have access to Africa’s best and brightest to implement a data-driven project that adds value to your business. At the same time, you will help to boost skills and create opportunities for budding data scientists in Africa.

Our Clients

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Why Work with Ishango?

Top data science talent

We recognise the potential in the best graduates and nurture their talent in line with business needs.​

Match talent to projects

Whatever the project, we match our data scientists' strengths to your specific demands.

Long term Support​

We support the DS team beyond the initial PoC/initial phase. We offer flexible delivery choices

Our Process

1. Scoping

  • Define exact project scope and deliverables

  • Agree on start date and talents required

2. Recruiting

  • Recruit the best talents across Africa

  • Perform matching based on project requirements

3. Delivery

  • Onboarding and project kick-off

  • First delivery with frequent iterations and feedback

4. Extension

  • Discuss needs of further support

  • Agree on extension scope, deliverables, and resourcing

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