Host Companies​

Data science. The future of business. There is no company that can advance without leveraging these new technologies.


No matter the industry, the size, the location. We can provide you with top professionals to make any project a success. Talk to us about how Africa’s best and brightest can add real value to your business.

Host Companies​

Tap into the wealth of data science talent in Africa and make a positive impact.


By becoming a host company, you will have access to Africa’s best and brightest to implement a data-driven project that adds value to your business. 


At the same time, you will help to boost skills and create opportunities for budding data scientists in Africa.

Why Host an AI Fellowship Project?

Best data science talent in Africa

We recognise the potential in the best graduates and nurture their talent in line with business needs.​

Match talent to projects

Whatever the project we match our fellows strengths to your specific demands.

Long term hiring opportunity​

It does not just have to be for a project. If you and your fellows match then you can take them on long term.

Past Data Science Fellowship Projects

Here are two examples of successfully completed Data Science projects done by Ishango Fellows during the Data Science Fellowship programe.

Faith and Cyrille presenting their project on an unsupervised predictor model developed in collaboration with Elder Research

Anisie and Joseph presenting their project on machine learning model to predict mental health illness developed in collaboration with Omniscient Neurotechnology

Meet some of our past Project Companies

Case Studies

Ishango.ai Fellows develop a recommender system for tails.com

Host company: tails.com is a dog food subscription company providing tailored, unique food based on the individual dog’s characteristics and preferences.

Ishango.ai Fellows develop remote sensing application

The project: Ishango.ai Fellows Bright Aboh and Aimable Ishimwe Manzi worked alongside the data science team at Philip Morris International (PMI) on a project to remotely identify tobacco fields using satellite imagery data.

Ishango.ai Fellows build machine learning model to predict hydroelectric power plant failures

Host company: Elder Research, Inc. (ERI) is a machine learning solutions provider with 26 years of experience delivering high performing predictive modelling solutions into complex client deployment environments.

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