May 30, 2023

Meet Patricia: Unveiling Her Data Science Journey and Scholarship Success

Please share a bit about your background. How did you first become interested in data science?
Growing up in Ablekuma, a suburb of Accra, Ghana, I developed a strong passion for social, political, and entertainment issues from an early age. This passion fueled my desire to create a platform where I could engage in discussions and work towards finding solutions. It was during my national service at Ghana Tech Lab in 2022 that I was introduced to the field of data science. Learning tools like Excel, MySQL, Power BI, and Python for data analysis ignited my interest in this exciting field.

Where did you study, and what subjects did you pursue?
I pursued my undergraduate studies at the University of Ghana, majoring in public administration within the administration program. This educational experience honed my critical thinking skills, which have proven invaluable in my transition to data analytics.

What has been your experience with the DataCamp-Ishango.ai scholarship so far?
The DataCamp-Ishango.ai scholarship has been an incredible journey for me. It has provided me with a transformative opportunity to acquire essential skills in areas such as spreadsheets, SQL, Python, and Power BI. The practical exercises and the supportive community on the platform have been instrumental in motivating me to continuously learn and apply my newfound skills to solve real-world problems.

What are your learning goals, and what do you hope to achieve through the DataCamp-Ishango scholarship?
Through the DataCamp-Ishango scholarship, my learning goals are to achieve proficiency in using these powerful data science tools, undertake practical projects, and utilise my skills to assist various institutions in making informed decisions. Moreover, I aspire to make a meaningful contribution to public institutions by leveraging data-driven insights to develop impactful policies that positively benefit citizens.