is the bridge between Africa’s top talent and global business.

Africa has never lacked talent, just opportunity.


We give global companies the ability to access an untapped talent pool: African Data Scientists. run a fully-funded Data Science Fellowship Program. We take masters graduates from across Africa and give them the skills required by global business.


They are equipped and ready to tackle quantitative problems across sectors, industries, and continents.


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What We Do

We connect talent with opportunity.


Starting with the top graduates we put them through a three month programme of data science and machine learning. They learn not just to become great technicians but great professionals. Ready and capable for the corporate world.


They are then placed with companies, adding real value by contributing across the full data spectrum. Whether it be Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, Analysis, Architecture and more.  

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Get Involved


Want to become a data scientist and get real world experience? Our programs are fully funded and completely free!

We are always looking for the best graduates to join our fellowship programme.


Want to collaborate with Ishango? Help us train future Data Science Leaders in Africa.

We are seeking people and institutions to help create a thriving data science ecosystem.

Host Companies

Want to hire the best? Host a fellow that matches your needs.

Whatever your project we can connect you with data scientists.

Apply now for our 2021 Fellowship in Kigali Rwanda! It is a 3 month residential programme beginning in June and ending in August. You will have the opportunity to work with major international companies on real projects that make an impact. Just fill out our application form.

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In Partnership With

We are excited to introduce you to our partner AIMS, Africa’s leading post graduate centre for the mathematical sciences supported by partners including Facebook, Google, and the Mastercard Foundation.

It means we have unique access to the absolute best post graduates on the continent with degrees in Mathematics, Machine Learning, and Climate Science. Not only do we have the top talent but they provide us with a hub in downtown Kigali perfect for our fellowship.

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