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Data Analyst Spotlight: Fibi Dalyop

1. Please introduce yourself, what you do, and your current role. I’m Fibi Dalyop, a Nigeria-based data analyst and machine learning specialist. I’m currently a data analyst at Women First...

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Risk Data Scientist Spotlight: Joan Kirunga

Meet Joan Kirunga, a risk data scientist at Stanbic Bank Uganda. She develops and deploys machine learning models to anticipate inherent business risks using customer conduct and transaction behaviour data....

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DataCamp-Ishango.ai Check-in Event

Each month we bring our Datacamp-Ishango.ai scholarship community together to exchange ideas, build connections, and discover the latest developments in the data science field. At our most recent community event,...

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Data Scientist Spotlight

Data Scientist Spotlight: Tina Okonkwo

Please introduce yourself, what you do, and your current role.I am Tina Okonkwo, a Data Analyst at FanBants, where my role involves analysing data and extracting sentiments to facilitate fan...

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Host Company Spotlight- Phastar

Host Company Spotlight – Phastar

Phastar is a global, data-focused contract research organisation (CRO). They work with small and large biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical companies to provide statistical consulting, analysis, and reporting, clinical data management,...

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Numan Mehraj Data Scientist Feature

Data Scientist Spotlight- Numan Mehraj

Please introduce yourself and what you do.  I am Numan Mehraj, a data scientist who is passionate about extracting meaningful insights and actionable strategies from raw data. I have a...

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Key Takeaways from our Community Event

We recently held our monthly check-in with our Datacamp-Ishango.ai scholarship community. The event provided an opportunity to share knowledge, network, and explore the latest advancements in the field of data...

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2022 Highlights

In 2022, we made great strides toward our mission of creating high-quality jobs in Africa and showcasing the wealth of data science talent in Africa. We could not have done...

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Host Company Spotlight – Fyffes

Introducing our new Data Science Project Partnership with Fyffes At Ishango.ai one of our main goals is to create value for global businesses by giving them access to top data...

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Ghana 2022 Programme launched

Our goal at Ishango.ai is to unlock the potential of African data scientists and give global companies access to this untapped talent pool. Core to achieving this is our 2...

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Data Science and Remote Sensing

shango.ai Fellows Bright Aboh and Aimable Ishimwe Manzi worked alongside the data science team at Philip Morris International (PMI) on a project leveraging satellite image data to remotely identify different...

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Why You Should Become a Mentor

Mentoring is its own reward. Whether it’s described as giving back, raising up others, or doing the right thing. Altruism makes you feel good and makes the world a better...

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data revolution

Engines of Data Revolution

Where Does African Data Science Talent Come From? Quantitative science, big data, machine learning, AI. It’s here and it’s here to stay. Business is being revolutionised around the globe and...

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