Our Ethos

We want only the best for our fellows: the best projects, the best mentors, and the best future career prospects.


This is why our data science internships drives success for Machine Learning masters graduates and provides value for international companies.


Through developing and expanding our data ecosystem, we connect continents. 

About Ishango​

Unlocking African Data Science potential

Why We Created a Data Science Internship

The global economy has shifted; we experience what is known as “time-space compression” as digital connection overcomes physical distance. Due to this transition, and the lessons learned from Covid-19, there are new horizons available for international organisations seeking data science talent: Africa.



A new era of “Big Data”, Machine Learning and Deep Learning is our day-to-day, and is only going to increase in complexity and scale as time goes on.



But, with these new challenges come new opportunities, and it takes specialised skills and training to maximise efficacy in the data science ecosystem. Those who join our data science internship, a.k.a. machine learning masters graduates, have the wisdom, adaptability, and work-ethic to deliver value and new perspectives. As global companies turn to outsourcing and contracting, Ishango.ai are perfectly positioned to provide the data science professionals needed through our program.

Ishango.ai: What's In A Name?

The Ishango Bone.

The Ishango bone dates from over 20,000 years ago. It is a mathematical tool, unearthed in the heart of Africa in the 1950s, with etchings which suggest that it was a tally stick. Therefore, this suggests it was used to carry out procedures as the basis of a numeral system.


Most importantly, it forms part of humanity’s global mathematical history, and reminds us all of our shared past and shared future. 


However, Africa’s significance in the development of thought and knowledge has long been overlooked and occluded. Join us, and secure Africa’s rightful place in the future.


Ishango.ai mathematics in Africa

A Message From Ishango.ai's Founders

Eunice Baguma Ball Ishango.ai co-founder

Eunice Baguma Ball

Working in the Africa tech ecosystem for the past 10 years, I have seen firsthand the immense data science talent and innovation that exists in the region. Much of my career has focused on supporting tech talent, entrepreneurs and companies to leverage the power of technology to unlock opportunities and create a positive impact.

Ishango.ai builds on my experience and passion. AI is shaping the future of tech. I believe Africa has a critical role to play in building this future and ensuring that it is inclusive for all.

Naveed Ratansi Ishango.ai co-founder

Naveed Ratansi

I have founded multiple companies and have extensive commercial experience. Running a successful training company for the last few years and previously supporting a Data Science Fellowship Program in London. I am well positioned to make Ishango.ai a success for masters graduates and international organisations alike. 


The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the globalisation of talent. Ishango.ai’s goal is to help companies and talent tap into these new opportunities. Through AI, data science and machine learning, we will create a better future.

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